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About Us

Bold Flavors With Stella On Fire Co.

We founded Stella on FireCo. with one mission, bring BOLD FLAVOR to any dish. At Stella On Fire Co., we craft seasonings and products to elevate any dish. From fine culinary masterpieces to barbecue, grilling, and live-fire cooking. Our unique blends, exceptional flavors, and unparalleled quality make us the perfect choice for any dish.

All our products are made in-house in the USA using the purest ingredients and spices.

Meet Our Founders

Hector’s vision for Stella On Fire Co. is to bring people together through the power of good food. With his self-taught skills as a chef and pitmaster, he inspires others to believe in themselves and their ability to create delicious meals with just a little help and GOOD seasoning.


His creativity and passion for cooking originate from his island roots, world travels, love, and passion for live-fire cooking. However, Hector alone does not get all the credit for starting such an amazing company. 

Credit where Credit is Due...

Believe it or not, Stella On Fire Co. is a father-daughter operation. The journey began with a unique bond between a father and his daughter.  

Fueled by their shared passion for exquisite cuisine, our founders recognized an extraordinary opportunity to create something that would forever unite them.  We hope our products bring you some of that love for family and food too!

May our products be a source of love and joy in every culinary experience, inspired by our heartfelt mission to infuse the same passion for family and food into all our products.

Our Mission

To infuse our love for family and food into our exceptional products, ensuring that they ignite a sense of joy in your culinary experiences as well.

seared steak

Discover Your Next Favorite Flavor...

Welcome to a world of bold flavor! Our carefully crafted seasoning blends are here to inspire your culinary creativity and help you stand out as a true flavor artist. With our full line of seasonings, the possibilities are endless – no matter what type of dish you’re creating. So go ahead and explore, experiment, and discover your own unique taste. Because in our world, there’s no such thing as bland or boring – only bold and adventurous!

Be Unique...

Guided by our commitment to excellence, we have meticulously crafted an extraordinary collection of seasonings, rubs, and other products. Our dedication to using only the finest ingredients sets us apart from the rest. With an unyielding commitment to maintaining full control over our production process, we proudly manufacture all our products in-house. Our driving force has been a relentless pursuit of uniqueness and quality. We believe that true success lies in standing out from the crowd, and our products embody this philosophy. We invite our customers to experience something truly unique and extraordinary, born at a family's kitchen table. Join us as we redefine the norms and set new benchmarks in this industry. Experience the embodiment of our core values—quality ingredients, in-house production, and unmatched uniqueness.

Stella On Fire Co.

Return policy

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. 

We will happily refund or replace damaged or defective products. For assistance with a damaged or defective product please send us an email with photos to [email protected] to get the process started. If you are interested in returning one of our products, you have 30 days after the day of purchase to return your unused product to us. For all other issues, we got you. Let us know how we can help you.